Monday, November 17, 2008


Try not! 

Do. . . 

. . . or do not!

There is no try!

Jedi vs. Sith

This one is pretty obvious. Drawn with pencil. Imported into Illustrator and colorized.

FilkCast: Potter Style

Here is the logo for my podcast. Check it out on iTunes.


Here is one for Hermione. Note: You can't spell Hermione without Ron.


Here is an ambigram of my favorite HP ship. It's an asymmetrical ambigram. It is clear they were meant to be together.


Here is my Harry Potter themed ambigram. I am very happy with this one. Then it became a series from here.

Nora - Second ever ambigram

I am still drawing them completely at this point. They start getting better from here as I start to think about readability.

Cheryl - First Ambigram ever!

Here is my first ambigram. I always start with pencil and this early on, I created them completely on paper. It is later that I realized I could draw half and combine them in Photoshop or redraw them in Illustrator.